Surprising facts about the Colorado Ranch Style Home

Ranch style homes became popular across the country in the 1960 due to their open and more casual layouts.  They are now seeing a resurgence as the baby boom generation looks for more accessible homes and compounded by the general trend to more casual lifestyles.  According to an AARP analysis of data, the aged 55-plus population has increased by 17 percent, 5 times more than the 16-24 segment.  And this is a trend that will continue, as Census data shows that by 2020 the 55-plus group will total 97.8 million, almost 29 percent of the population.

Ranch style homes are a growing segment of the real estate market in Colorado and the western states.  There are many reasons for their popularity:

  • Open floor plans reflect Colorado’s casual lifestyle.
  • Many retirees choose to settle in Colorado and accessibility is a big concern.
  • Ranch plans encourage the use of outdoor spaces, making them accessible from different rooms of the home.
  • Vaulted ceiling are possible and affordable throughout the home, adding drama and a sense of openness.
  • Because ranch plans take up more space on the lot, there’s less time, money, and water spent on the landscape.
Ranch homes in Colorado differ from those in more southern states because of the depth of foundations required.  These deeper foundations are more costly, but also provide the bonus of basement space for minimal added cost.  Most people don’t realize that a ranch home, where secondary bedrooms are located in a finished basement space, is the most cost effective house type to build in Colorado.  Another little known fact is that while 8 feet of grade change across the house is ideal, a walk-out basement can be accomplished with as little as 4 or 5 feet of grade change.
With a wide array of advantages to living in a ranch style home, it is easy to see why they are once again on the rise in Colorado.