Custom Home Design


For both the architect and client, there is nothing more exciting than designing a custom home. You may have spent many years dreaming of your new home or the opportunity to build a custom home may have come suddenly. Either way, listening to your ideas is the most important part of designing your new home and the first step in turning your dreams and ideas into reality.


Custom home design in the Colorado environment and lifestyle creates special challenges as well as rewards.A team approach is pursued, bringing the architect and owner together with the landscape architect or site planner, project engineer, and builder to create a design that meets both your desires and your budget. 


The first step in designing your home is to walk the site with you, listening to your ideas and noting the site’s attributes and challenges. Next, we begin programming the house, discussing your desires and requirements in room-by-room detail. With this information, a schematic design is developed. Sometimes a hands-on approach may be taken, with the client involved in the rough planning of the layout. Otherwise, the architect provides the initial design layout. When the schematic design is completed, the client has the opportunity to review and discuss any desired changes. The design process doesn’t go forward until the client is completely satisfied. The prospective builder is also brought in at this time to provide budgeting guidance. 

When the schematic design phase is complete, work is begun on construction documents. During this stage, periodic meetings will be held to discuss the project in detail along with interior design elements. At the completion of the construction documents, you will be ready, with the help of your builder, to bid and permit the project.


So what does all this cost? The cost of designing a custom home and construction documents at Archevie Design will be between $4.50 and $5.50 per square foot, depending on the detail and complexity of the home. This translates to 1% to 2% of the construction budget. Traditionally, at other architectural firms, fees may run between 5% and 15%. Additionally, there will be costs from outside consultants such as the site planner and structural engineer. When budgeting your home design, also take into account the need for a site survey and soils engineering report.


Please contact us to discuss our services and your ideas for your new home.